ViNordic maintains marketing boards in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The boards are an important asset in our work to ensure industrial self adjudication.

The boards handle, rule, and administer fines on marketing matters among member companies. Cases from non-member companies are also gauged from time to time and referred to further perusal from the authorities when relevant.

Statutes & reports

All marketing boards are chaired by an experienced commercial lawyer. The boards additionally have local experienced company representatives serving – two permanent and two substitutes in case of conflicts.

Norway – members

  • Ane Breivega, Breivega Advokatfirma AS (chair)
  • Nora Oftenes Lie, Elanco Animal Health
  • Vidar Sunde Aaes, Orion Pharma Animal Health
  • Hilde Mosand, MSD Animal Health (s)
  • Vivi Hjelseth, Dechra Veterinary Products (s)

Sweden – members

  • Viveka Bonde, Bonde Barzey Advokatbyrå AB (chair)
  • Malin Cerne, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health
  • Ursula Larsson, Ceva Animal Health
  • Lilian Bjurselius, Orion Pharma Animal Health (s)
  • Anna Karin Lieber, MSD Animal Health (s)

Denmark – members

  • Strange Beck (chair)
  • Kirsten Bianchi, MSD Animal Health
  • Liselotte Jessen, Elanco Animal Health
  • Sigal Kromann, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health (s)
  • Kathrine Poll, Orion Pharma Animal Health (s)
  • Merete Rahbek, Bayer Animal Health (s)