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About Us

ViNordic – the voice of the animal medicines industry in the Nordics

We work to secure full access to all relevant prescription medicines for animals in the Nordic countries – for both prevention and treatment.

Association members

Veterinary industry Nordic’s members are among the world’s leading developers, manufacturers, and marketeers of prescription medicines for animals. Our members supply medicines for both production and companion animals.

International relations

ViNordic is an active member of the European and global animal health communities.


Cutting edge ASF-control

With facial and voice recognition technology pigs can be monitored in their stalls for African Swine Fever, helping farmers and veterinarians spot early signs of disease before they develop, and reducing the severity of an outbreak – the animal health sector at the cutting edge of disease control!

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The Nordics

Working across the board

We work with animal health stakeholders throughout the Nordic countries in support of increased harmonisation of administration, regulation, and legislation around veterinary prescription medicines. Please find below local language descriptions.